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Alan Liu

Design Strategist & Researcher | UX Designer | Art Director

“ My goal is to combine design thinking, human factors, and visual concepts to create human-centered products for meaningful and immersive experiences, to shape the future of our world. ”


Alan Liu holds an MFA in Design Management program from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). His works focus on design thinking, design research, design strategy, and human-centered design. He always loves to work towards understanding the needs of customers and users through multiple design research methods.

His background is very diverse; his brain always generates creative ideas by considering various perspectives. He not only studied Economics in his undergraduate but also studied fine art for 6 years and included multiple marketing work experience. In Winter and Spring 2020, he has experience working with the UX team at IBM iX to support the digital transformation in the banking industry.

He believes that there are still lots of problems existing in our society, so we have to keep empathy and build multidisciplinary collaboration to shape our future.

Plus, his thesis is about the culture of innovation in retail banking, and he is the creator of the Hexagility Framework. 

I am also an adventurer with strong curiosity and rich imagination.